Anna Muller was an evil witch, she was also the lover of the Vampire Count Mitterhouse and colluded in his brutak murder of the children of Stattel. She later joined the circus of knights in an attempt to bring her lover back from the dead.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Anna was married to a local teacher named Paul Muller whom she also had a child with. Keeping up the image of a caring mother and housewife she was in reality not only having an affair with the evil Count Mitterhouse but also bringing the young girls of the village to the vampires castle where he would kill them. Eventually her husband Albert, would round up the villagers to attack the count, ironically thinking that Anna had been captured by the count and was in danger, the villagers burst into his castle finding the Witch and the Vampire in bed with one another and the body of the counts latest victim, a young girl next to them. The villagers attacked the count all at once, but he armed with his vampire strength overpowered and killed many of them easily, however with so many attacking at once Albert was able to drive a wooden stake through his heart. Before dying the count cursed the villagers declaring that they and their children will die to give him back his life, Anna was the taken outside the castle and tortured by the villagers, many of whom were the parents of the children the count had murdered. Albert howver stooped them from torturing her to death, and she ran back into the castle where she dragged the counts body to safety before the villagers blew the castle to pieces. Twenty or so years later Anna returned to the village of Stattel with the Circus of knights a circus of vampires and witches led by Emile, Count Mitterhouses cousin. Using magics Anna changed her appearance, and the villagers including her own husband did not recognise her. She would aid the vampires in murdering the children of the counts killers, aswell as bringing a lethal plague to the town. However when it came time for her daughter, who was also Alberts daughter to die, she would end up sacrificing herself to save her daughters life. When Emile prepared to rip anna's daughters throat out, Anna quickly moved her daughter aside and Emile tore her throat out instead. Emile was slain soon after by Anna's husband Albert, upon her death she reverted back to her original form.


  • Anna was played by Adrienne Corri and Domini Blythe
  • Anna had three children, Dora with Albert and Helga and Henriech with Count Mitterhouse