Klove was the name of two of Dracula's servants in the 19th century. It is possible that these two men belonged to a large family that had served Dracula throughout the ages similar to Johnny Alucards family. The first Klove was polayed by Philip Latham, while the second was played by Patrick Troughton

First KloveEdit

The first Klove was responsible for bringing Dracula back from the dead after his first death at Van Helsing friends. He waited in Dracula's castle for a long time (possibly years) for the right oppurtunity to resurrect his master. That opportunity came when two young couples the Kents arrived at Dracula's castle. He killed one of them Alan and strung his body upside down using his blood to bring Dracula back from the dead. He was later killed by Alans brother Charles using father sandors shotgun, whilst trying to protect his master. This Kloves reasons for serving Dracula are unknown, though it is possible that like Johnny Alucard, Dracula had promised him immortality, he was shown to be a very loyal servant.

Second KloveEdit

The second Klove was shown to serve Dracula during his second reign of terror. He appeared to have a twisted loyalty towards Dracula for unknown reasons. He geniunly cared about seeking his masters praise, and defended him against the angry villagers, and when he was disobedient he willingly took his punishment and felt that he had "sinned" Klove eventually turned on Dracula however when he fell in love with one of Dracula's intended victims. Fighting with Dracula to save her life, Dracula eventually killed him during one of their fights, by throwing him over the battlements of his castle.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The first Klove was played by Philip Latham, while the second Klove was played by Patrick Troughton. Both actors appeared in Doctor Who, with Latham playing renegade time lord and villain Borusa and Troughton playing the second Doctor. Both actuualy appeared together in the Doctor who story The Five Doctors.