Leyland Van Helsing was the son of

Dr Van Helsing and the father of Lorrimer Van Helsing. He studied his fathers research into the supernatural very closely and later accompanied his father on a mission to destroy the Golden Vampires in China. He was played by Robin Stewart.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Leyland Van Helsing was the son of Dr Lawrence Van Helsing. He spent his whole life studying the supernatural like his father and accompanied him to china to slay the golden vampires, it is not known if he had accompanied his father on any previous missions to hunt vampires though it seems likely, as he talks as though he has had first hand experience with them when discussing his fathers work with Vanessa Buren. Leyland along with his father was able to gather up a large amount of fighters together to fight the the six remaining golden vampires. Though their team would suffer heavy casualties they destroyed all of the vampires with Leylands father, eventually slaying the golden vampires master Count Dracula. Years later Leylands father was killed in a cofrontation with a ressurected Dracula. Leyland would presumbly marry sometime after this and have a son named Lorrimer who would continue both his and his fathers research into the occult.


  • Leyland Van Helsing was played by Robin Stewart
  • a fan theory suggest that Marian from the brides of Dracula is Leylands mother